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Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6 support with Mojave

Nov 18, 4: You can't directly, true. However, you can share a word file dictating in Parallels using DNS and opening the same file in Mac. You can split screen with Windows DNS one side and apple mail the other and copy and paste. Not ideal but for me DNS is so superior to the Mac dragon dictate it is the best compromise. Nov 24, 5: Solution 1: If you have enough space on your SSD, use Apple's disk utility to partition your drive into two parts.

To reinstall the original OS, can use Apple's startup recovery procedure.. Mac startup key combinations - https: After that it is back to Dragon and other necessary software. I have assumed that there is no back copy of your laptop. That being said, I highly recommend a backup drive or Apple's Time Capsule to have backups that can easily be restored when things go awry. Solution 2: You also can purchase a usb drive on amazon to reinstall Mac OS If you prefer just one drive, then just use either method and reinstall the OS of your choice on the whole drive. Apple needs to take the lead and make it a viable product for Business, Professionals and the handicapped which they have so long touted as one of their hallmarks.

Dec 21, 8: I was scared to upgrade to Mac OS Mojave because of all of the information I was reading saying it was not compatible. So I put it off until tonight. First I made a clone of my High Sierra so that if I upgraded and it didn't work I could reboot into the cloned High Sierra hard drive and use Dragon for Mac from there. I also have a disability quadriplegic and cannot use my hands very well and my fingers not at all so I was really bummed out about the Nuance decision to abandon this program. I'm sorry you aren't able to get yours to work because I know how frustrating that must be.

Mid 5K iMac with not a lot of extra programs. I hope somehow this program will find a new company to take it over and get it working again and maybe even improve it. Dec 22, 6: I didn't know Dragon for Mac was no longer being supported but I have upgraded to Mojave and it's working fine. I dictate into a digital tape recorder then transcribe it into Word for Mac. Why haven't they done it? Typing isn't the wave of the future, voice commands are, so why are they behind the curve on this one?

Is it because they see coding requires typing and that's what keeps them from providing it? Suppose coding become dependent on voice commands, will they then suddenly discover the utility of voice dictation? Come on, Apple, get with it and see the market that is being created.

Do you realize how many persons with disabilities there are or people who just want to speak, not type, their documents, books, projects? Dec 26, 6: I don't understand people saying that Mojave didn't break Dragon. For me, upgrading to Mojave instantly broke all keystroke-based commands in every context, including the DragonPad. Keystroke-based commands such as "Press the keys command-enter" no longer work anywhere.

The DragonPad will no longer transfer text into most contexts when I click the "Transfer" button. The "New Paragraph" command frequently doesn't work for me. I have had to switch to Dragon under Parallels to get anything done. I agree that Apple should bring their built-in dictation solution up to scratch.

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It's a very nice system, well integrated with the operating system in a way that Dragon never was. However, for me, it minimally needs the ability to make corrections, add custom vocabulary, and add complicated custom commands. I hope Apple understands that this is not a luxury for disabled users. Dec 26, 8: Apple could just buy Nuance with spare change it found between the cushions on the couch metaphorically speaking of course. You do know that macOS supports speech recognition?

Throwing the blame game as you have will not bring many to your support. Just be sure to use a drive and Time Machine to backup each stage of your adding new programs to the OS. That way Page content loaded. Nov 7, I have been using it regularly since the upgrade on an iMac running Mojave It works quite well for me. Perhaps you have other issues not related to Dragon, but then you have provided little information about your problems.

Please read Writing an effective Apple Support Communities question. We are here to help. We are all users. We are not mind-readers nor clairvoyants. We only know what you write down and tell us. Be specific and thorough. Include your hardware information and installed version of macOS.

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Nov 23, 3: So why are you criticizing a helper here instead of addressing the real issue regarding Nuance's dropping support of Dragon? Make your displeasure known to Nuance. There is nothing we users can do regarding Nuance's lack of support. Nuance no longer supporting Dragon for Mac More Less.

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Dragon for Mac is Dead – Nuance Discontinues Software Immediately with No Future Updates

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Caveat emptor! More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. The release of version 6 was disastrous at launch — buggy, unstable and borderline unusable. But things improved dramatically and, with the last 6. Despite this, Nuance has pulled the plug. For anyone who has bought the software within the last 30 days, it might be worth exercising your right to a refund.

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Wyvern Business Systems are reporting the following:. Obviously, this news brings huge ramifications for Mac users from both an accessibility and workflow standpoint. While the Windows software undoubtedly has a larger installed user base, the majority of writers I come across are using Macs. With no viable native solution and no realistic competition , Mac users should consider using the Windows software via a virtual machine — something I have long advocated. Like Like.

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Boot Camp is free with your Mac but requires you to restart the computer into Windows and back into macOS. In my experience, Parallels provides the most seamless experience.

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The only version for Windows you should buy is Dragon Professional Individual All other prior versions are now discontinued and Home 15 does not allow transcription or custom vocabulary training. Thanks, Scott Do you know if Nuance is going to give a discount or anything to help Mac customers?

John Blair. It may be worth calling Nuance sales to see if they can do you a deal based on the discontinuation of the Mac product: Scott, thank you for this update.

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  • Not to anywhere near the same level as on the desktop software. No transcription either. Hi Scott, can a profile be transferred if I now go Parallels would you know?