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Elements is like a power editor for your snaps. You can tweak the basics, but the gimmick is that you get to use Adobe's fancy-pants image processing features. You can paint out mistakes with a brush that uses Content Aware Fill to fill in the gaps. You can make panoramas. You can even switch in people from various group shots to get one picture with everyone looking good.

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‎Adobe Photoshop Elements on the Mac App Store

Goodbye, Pixels. Peter Rubin Peter Rubin. Aarian Marshall Aarian Marshall. App Pack.

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  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor Available On The Mac App Store – MacStories.
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  • Adobe Launches Photoshop Elements 9 on Mac App Store.
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Lydia Horne Lydia Horne. Work Smarter. For another, there are questions about how upgrades work. Today's app stores are geared for two alternatives: Existing Photoshop and Premiere Elements customers don't get a special deal here, and it's not clear what will happen when version 11 rolls around, either.

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  6. Will those who purchased through the Mac App Store get a significant discount? Will they be able to get update pricing if they buy the new version from Adobe and not through the Mac App Store? I suspect Apple will fine-tune the Mac App Store to accommodate upgrade pricing.

    Bundles, too, seem like something that could be accommodated with App Store refinements. Buy once, run on multiple computers Fourth, there's a possible tension in paying for multiple copies of the software. Apple's Mac App Store gives permissions to run software based on the user account, so if you have three Macs in the house, all three of them may run the same software downloaded from the Mac App Store.


    But Adobe gives permissions by computer and doesn't permit concurrent use of the same software. Here's the relevant section from the end-user license agreement for version 9 of Elements PDF , the most recent I could locate:. By way of example, if you desire to install any Elements Software on both the Mac OS and Windows operating system platforms on a device that runs both of those platforms i. Fluidly updated software Fifth is a byproduct of online software distribution: The more we're used to getting software online--as with smartphone apps and Web browsers, for example--the more ordinary it is to expect a constant series of bug fixes, security patches, and even new features added incrementally.

    How this will shake out for Adobe's big software packages remains to be seen.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor Available On The Mac App Store

    I don't expect Photoshop will become anytime soon a living project, no longer anchored down to specific major version releases, with new tools or user-interface tweaks arriving steadily. It's hard to build that into corporate workflows, for one thing. But in the long term, it seems at least possible--especially given Adobe's move to subscription pricing for its flagship Creative Suite products--and online distribution enables that approach.

    And given how often Adobe's own update software tries to get my attention, it's clear the days are long gone that software is done when it's burned into the installation disk. Updated 9: Star Wars: Episode 9 filming wraps: But where's that title?

    Photoshop for iPad hands-on: an exclusive look

    Director J. Abrams says the milestone "feels impossible.