Mac studio sculpt spf 15 foundation

Free Returns! You are currently signed in as: Reset customer. Overview Details Swatches Shade Names. Full Description A luxurious, creamy foundation that delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing the look of dull and dry skin. Innovative gel-based system provides outstanding skin feel and medium to full buildable coverage with a natural satin finish. Micronized silicone-coated pigments improve skin adherence and blendability while helping to maintain colour purity.

Comfortable on all skin types, but especially suited for normal-dry and mature skin. Apply to face using a sponge or foundation brush. Blend with fingers, sponge or brush. Add To Favourites. See Favourites!

Add to Bag. Temporarily out of stock. Add to cart and we will ship as soon as this item becomes available. Coming soon. Sorry, this item is inactive. Sold Out. I'm tired of purchasing 'recommended shades' of foundation only to find that after applying them they look caked on or are too dark or do not give enough coverage.

This one seemed just right, at least for the cooler months. I'll be curious to see how this foundation will work in the warmer months or in the heat of summer. I like the fact that it contains a SPF 15 and it feels silky and smooth. My skin is a combination of normal to dry but oily around the nose area.

The foundation was easy to blend and left no streaky marks, nor did it wear off. I applied it with my fingers. If I cannot find an even better foundation in the very near future, this is definitely the one I will come back to and purchase a full sized product.

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this foundation. It was very thick and I just didn't like the way it felt on my face. I used it for the first time for a party which I regret because it did not last very well and I didn't like the coverage. Don't think I will use it again. I have dry and mature skin and some liquid foundations can be a challenge. The makeup artist gave me two pots each of NW15 and NC The names of the shades rubbed off the samples, but one of them seemed to have more of a slight orange tone on my pale skin.

One difficulty that I've had with many foundations - especially light coverage ones - is that they quickly sink into the larger pores on my cheeks and nose; as well as accentuate flaky patches. I had no such issues with Studio Sculpt. The foundation has a slightly wet or shiny appearance. I first tried Studio Sculpt over a moisturised face. The foundation disappeared on my cheeks in an hour. Due to my dry skin, I'm used to foundations disappearing within hours, but Studio Sculpt started to disappear much faster.

I tried Studio Sculpt with a primer, but that didn't help much perhaps the primer wasn't compatible with Studio Sculpt.

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I don't use powder because my skin is dry, but Studio Sculpt seems to need powder to set it. I tried mineral powder over Studio Sculpt. When I looked in the mirror from a distance, the coverage was excellent. Close up in the mirror, it looked a bit cakey which is what I expected. After about an hour, I checked my face, and the mineral powder and foundation had started to break up and look patchy. I have read reviews where people said that Studio Sculpt was hard to blend.

I have recently developed acne and eczema on my face, so I have hardly even been leaving my house due to the depression these conditions have caused. I struggled looking through dozens of different types of foundations that wouldn't irritate my skin or emphasize the very dry areas, and then I found this!

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I swear I am in love! I can build up the coverage in the areas that I need it the most quite easily without any major irritation or further breakouts. I always ensure that I use a gentle toner, moisturizer and primer beforehand just to help it along and then set it with some pressed powder when I'm done.

I have no complaints about staying power or cakey lines when I follow this method. My only complaint is that they need more pale shades! I am ghostly pale and have had to resort to mixing in 1 part manic panic white foundation to 2 parts studio sculpt. But due to the lifesaving formula, I'm willing to work around it: I have struggled with finding a foundation that works with my dry, sensitive skin for a long time until I went into Mac and got given a sample size of this! I instantly fell in love the coverage of this foundation and how well it matched my skin tone. The texture of the foundation makes it easy to apply for beginners like I was and lasts all through the day.

Could not recommend this product more! I bought this product after reading good reviews about it, and being told it would be good for my sensitive skin. I ordered it in NC15, but I found that it was still quite yellowy on my pale and freckled complexion. Never the less, I used this makeup for quite a while, and really liked it. It offered good coverage, felt and looked great when applied to my face, worked well with my concealer and powder, and I also really liked it's simple packaging without a pump top.

It was also good on my sensitive skin, and I rarely got breakouts from using it. However, this foundation would often be wearing off after a day of wear, meaning that I was quite often applying extra powder throughout the day. Once it started to wear off it would also give my skin an uneven complexion, as it only ever really started wearing off on my dry cheeks.

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  • It also could become cakey quite easily, if I wasn't careful enough. All in all, I ended up buying a new foundation, but I still occasionally wear this one, quite often for parties or special occasions. I was after a foundation that had full coverage, lasts all day, yet was suitable for my current dry skin. This foundation ticks all those boxes. It has fantastic coverage and lasts all day with only a light setting powder.

    It's also been great for my dry skin, which is occasionally oily. The only downside to this foundation is the color choices. I was matched for NC20 however this is a little dark and orange and apparently the NC15 will be too light. I wish there was a NC I had a sample if this which lasted a few weeks. However due to the color issues I'm yet to purchase full size. If you can be matched perfectly it would be perfect.

    I got this only last week in the shade NC I really love the coverage and the look of a flawless face that it gives. It does have a dewy finish but I didn't really want that, so I just used the Studio Fix powder on top. Using these 2 combined was defiantly a match made in heaven. These are based on my skin type, sensitive and dry Pros: Full coverage, best foundation I've used from a coverage stand point.

    Sets well with the mineralise powder.

    A gel-based foundation that offers medium to full coverage with a natural satin finish.

    Lasts forever - the only foundation that still stays on my skin after a night out. I found it to work best used with other mac products. Works for my skin type - never reacted to it plus since I have dry skin, it leaves a nice dewy effect. Probably wouldn't recommend it for oily skin. The only MAC foundation that actually blended in well for me. The rest looked cakey, patchy, and dry. Does tend to transfer easily without a setting powder. Wouldn't use it if I had oily skin. Clogs pores!!! This is the main reason I stopped using MAC foundations. Like most people that find a MAC product that works for them, you can't help but be hooked!

    I never understood the fascination with MAC till I actually tried it, but I started to notice my skin change for the worse. It lost it lustre and looked dull. For the first time I had visible pores. I stopped using it as my everyday and will rarely use it now. And noticed a massive difference over time. I promised myself to use it on special occasions only I can see why oily skins won't like this very much.

    The texture is thick and creamy, it goes on quite dewy and it doesn't completely feel dry after application. As a result, staying power isn't exactly its strong point and it can easily transfer onto your clothes. So my advice to those with oily skin would be to stay away from this. BUT, for all the dry skinned girls out there this is just wonderful. It goes on silky smooth and keeps the skin moisturised.

    When I use this I don't have to worry about horrible dry patches showing up, which make me look older. Instead I'm left with amazingly flawless skin. I would say the coverage is medium to full. I usually prefer lighter foundations and steer clear of heavier ones, but with this product I will make an exception because it works so well for my skin and is the perfect night-time base. It comes in a sleek long tube, making it easy to hygienically squeeze out a controlled amount. Overall my only issue with this is the fact that it does transfer. But if it means I have better looking skin, I am quite happy to look past that and give up wearing white shirts for a while.

    I wanted to love this, but it just sits on your skin all day, smudges on whatever touches your face hands, phone, the jumper of someone you hug no matter how long ago you applied this or how much powder you put over the top of it. Also fades over the course of a day. Absolutely love this foundation! Went into M. C about 1 month ago when my skin was extremely dry and just needed a foundation that could not only provide a good amount of coverage but at the same time bring my skin back to life This is was the best profuct for it!

    Its crazy good value for such a good product.. Would recommend this to anyone who gets dry skin in winter.. Not sure if i will continue to use this foundation in the summer time because it is very hydrating and i do get a bit oily in summer but i absolutely love it for winter! This foundation is my absolute favourite of all foundations I have tried, and I have tried many! I have very dry skin and not only have I noticed a difference in my skin not looking dry with the foundation on it has also improved my skin without the foundation on!

    Although the coverage is buildable, the only part i dislike is having to put upto 3 applications to get a flawless finish, but other than that you can not go wrong! Definitely a must have. This was my first and only MAC foundation and I'm more then sold on it. Before using this, I was using mineral make-up powders because I had dry skin and all the liquid foundations I tired would always highlight the dry patches on my skin.

    M.A.C - Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Reviews | beautyheaven

    I went into MAC and the MUA suggested this product, after he done a little min-makeover using this product I decided to purchase it as I immediately loved the finish and I have never looked back! Story over - I love this foundation. Its fantastic for my dry skin and doesn't cake.