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Thankfully, times have changed. Starting on July 27, , with the introduction of the "Mid" Mac Pro models, Apple began to offer SSDs as a standard configuration albeit at significantly higher prices than SSD options from other companies available for self-installation.

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Also, third-party options have emerged that make it quick and easy to install SSDs in the traditional Mac Pro hard drive bays as well as in the optical drive bays. Much faster PCIe 2. Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. Mac Pro.

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As the SSD installation options available vary depending on the Mac Pro model, it is particularly important to know which Mac Pro model you have. With the exception of the adapters, the SSD installation procedure is the same as it is for installing a hard drive in the Mac Pro models.

For video instructions of this installation method, please refer to " How do you upgrade the hard drives in the Mac Pro?

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OWC offers a variety of " Multi-Mount " adapters and some of these make it easy to install as many as two 2. See " How do you install a second optical drive or replace the primary one in the Mac Pro models? With a HDD, the drive head needs to seek to the right track and wait for the right location of the disk to rotate under the head to access requested data.

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Subsequent blocks might be on different tracks and thus the head needs to keep thrashing around. Given that SSDs have no moving part that needs to seek data, performance is instantaneous as shown. So am I to infer that you are saying the following?

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In some respects it is the more important measure for the original question since HDDs rarely saturate SATA bandwidth because they can't get to the data fast enough. John Keates John Keates 2, 5 David Anderson David Anderson Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

Install SSD Disk on Mac Pro Early end 2009

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. So there will be no real-world difference in where you attach those drives. At the same time, replacing a couple of hard disks with SSD's has given me a remarkable boost in performance so I'm not complaining.

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Jul 23, I do notice on my PC with native SATA III 6 ports not just the more common two, so the controller has more bandwidth as well t here is "some" and it feels a bit more "responsive. Larger is better. I agree with all of that, including that size matters, which is one reason why both of my SSD's are GB. And the fact that an SATA II bus could be a limiting factor is certainly not a deal-breaker given the remarkable boost in performance I experienced with SSD's both when new and after a good bit of use.

I think far too much attention is paid to benchmarks because of their artificiality - though Anandtech seems to do a good job of testing real-world use too , like daily commuters proud of zero to sixty performance, given the use most users put their computers to; more concern should be directed at longevity and efforts to ensure that, which is one area I believe TRIM shines in. Communities Contact Support.

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