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As a result, the Inch models provide significantly faster drive speeds. Although Apple does not intend for end users to upgrade the storage after system purchase, the SSD in both model sizes is mounted on a removable module , so storage upgrades are quite possible.

Both models also can, or could, be custom configured with a dual core 2. Both models also have batteries that are built-in, and are not intended to be removed by the end user, but are not attached to the chassis with adhesive, either. Specifically, the Inch models have watt hour batteries and the Inch models have watt hour batteries. Apple estimates that the Inch models provide an estimated 9 hours of "wireless web" use and 10 hours of "iTunes movie playback" whereas the Inch models provide an estimated 12 hours of runtime for both tasks.

This processor has 4 MB of level 3 cache and a provides a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 3. Apple refers to this model as the "MacBook Air Inch, " in some places. RAM in all models is soldered in place and cannot be upgraded after purchase. Please note that the Inch models are discontinued and only available on the used market.

Both offer exceptional battery life.

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Given their small size, low weight, and long battery life, MacBook Air models are intended for those most interested in portability, rather than performance, connectivity, or upgrades. Consequently, if size, weight, and battery life are most important to you, either "Early " MacBook Air model would be a great choice.

Alternately, if a higher resolution display and compact size are your most important criteria, but connectivity and upgrades are not, a newer Retina MacBook could be even better. If you want the smallest, cheapest Apple notebook, the Inch MacBook Air is a good choice on the used market, particularly if your usage is fairly basic -- word processing, e-mail, web surfing, music playback, and simple photo and video editing, for example.

For most users, however, the Inch model is likely to be a better option as the size and weight increase are rather modest trade-offs to gain a larger display that is better for multitasking. Although the Inch and Inch models provide similar performance, the Inch model does have even better battery life, faster storage, and the useful SDXC card slot. Of course, the later "Mid" Inch model has a faster processor, as well. Please refer to EveryMac.

Go to websites … much lighter etc. MBA is more capable. May be a more in cable , cover etc. I have been speculating over MB Air Thanks first of all Taz for an awsome fine review. I know we all have our personal reasons, and here is mine. Bluntly and honestly: I must once in my life have the experience, I must try to own and use this So my choise will be the Not that the latter will travel with me on a daily basis, but I will have the option to do so some times. Photos and alike through 10 years will be there and only more recent stuff on the MBA, in which case GB will be plenty for me.

U said it Stenow! I have been agonising over the 13 Vs 11 debate. Thank u Tasman, a very helpful article! I just bought another Mac Air 11 inch. I could have switched to the 13 inch. I looked at, tested several times in an apple store and I still can not decide. Yet I have read several articles on this cruel dilemma. Information on the use of Excel I found on the 11 inches that supports hands too much on the edge of the MBA is a bit painful in the long run, but I have to redo the experiment. I have a Mac Book Air 11, and both the surface, to the left and right of the mouse pad, and the edges on the three sides of the computer hurt my hands when I use it.

Using Excel to illustrate the screen real estate is genius! Thank you! The Windows notebook gives col A-S and row But because it is smaller, I think the font would be really small and I wonder if it will cause eye strain over prolonged use?

Compared: 2018 MacBook Air versus 13-inch MacBook Pro and 2017 MacBook Air

Thanks for your great articles! They are very helpful. I am in law school and will be using this laptop a great deal for class notes and homework. Hi, this is wonderful! Thanks so much for all the info! Is this too crazy? I mean, how well would it handle editing in HD? I could use an external monitor for visibility. Many thanks! Hi there.

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Just wondering. A really popular comparison thats not on this website is the Apple macbook pro vs Air. Im dieing to see your opinion!

Im switching to apple for my last year of college and want to know Pro or Air Ive read 10s of reviews and watched enough youtube videos to know the bells and whistles in differnces but I want to know YOUR view please since your other Air articles are nothing short of excellent.. Personally, I commute a lot and like the more compact and smaller mac. It goes everywhere with me. PDFs are different in how much information the cram in, and the detail in pictures and diagrams.

Again, I try viewing a PDF from your course to see that it is big enough. Yes, you can zoom, but do you want to do this with every page. Thank you so much for your time and advice!! Hey tas, I m computer science student and I have decided to get MacBook air. The only problem is that which size should I get. Can u help ne to decide?

Mac: macbook air 11" vs macbook air 13" - Apple (PH)

I find it helps keep me fresh. I program using a 24 inch full high definition monitor x pixels. I find a 24 inch monitor is a good size for me. More details at: I found your solution noisy fans using an SMC reset very helpful. Hopefully it will solve the battery life problem too. Do you have a solution for the really slow Mail program on MacBook Air?

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It can take 10 minutes or longer to check for mail on an exchange server and sometimes it seems to freeze. Other times it works ok then goes back to its lazy slow habit of keeping me waiting. I do not have the same problem with my trusty dinosaur iPad, with which I can use Mail to access the same exchange server account instantly. There was no doubt in my mind that which one I should go now for ….

Seriously you will fall in love with this laptop. Your email address will not be published. Or instead, get new articles as they're published by email:. Mac Crazy. Skip to content. MacBook Air 11 or 13 inch — which is better? Posted on July 25, by Tasman Hayes. Bookmark the permalink. July 25, at 3: Tasman Hayes says: July 25, at 4: Thanks for the correction Charles! Michael says: July 28, at 7: July 28, at Hi Michael! July 28, at 2: They Air drove the by pixel external display flawlessly as far as I could see.

I shot some pictures and video of the working together. Sal Conigliaro says: July 29, at Hi Sal! Thanks for asking about the pictures. July 30, at 2: July 28, at 5: Davran says: July 29, at 9: August 9, at 1: Davran, You are right. I will feed that into the main article. Thanks, Taz. Mark, Thanks for your question!

MacBook Air 11 or 13 inch – which is better?

Keep it going. July 31, at 1: August 9, at 2: Chris, Thanks for your great feedback! Hope this helps, -Taz. Zach says: August 3, at 1: FYI I would foresee me doing some 3d modelling, photoshopping, etc. Hi Zach! Thanks for your questions. So the larger size — GB — is the much safer bet. Cathy says: August 9, at Hi Cathy, Thanks for your feedback and question. Noe says: August 10, at 2: Hi Noe!

2018 MacBook Air vs 13" MacBook Pro & Old MacBook Air

Reed Business Information. An 11" MacBook Air". Retrieved June 20, Gulf News. MacBook Air owns 56 percent of the US ultrabook market". July 12, Microsoft Surface Pro 2". Microsoft Surface Pro". Business Insider. October 22, Macworld UK.

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Macintosh MacBook family. Obsolete [28]. Display glossy. Lower resolutions supported. Graphics Shared with system memory. Internal Bluetooth 2. Built-in infrared IR receiver for Apple Remote. Mac OS X OS X Battery non removable lithium-ion polymer. Battery cycle count [31]. Obsolete [85]. Intel HD Graphics processor with up to 1. Intel Direct Media Interface 2.